Saturday, March 7, 2009

Organize Your Plastic Grocery Bags - Tip #7

How do you store your grocery bags? Or, do you even store them at all? Well, I have a great solution for you!

You can reduce the size of the plastic pile by

wadding up each bag into a ball

and stuffing it into a Kleenex box! You will not believe how many you can fit into one box. It is compact and very easy to dispense again.

You can do the same thing with your oversized bags. Then you have a big bag to easily find, too.

The boxes fit neatly and compactly in your space! I have them in my kitchen. I also have them in a child proof space upstairs for dirty diaper removal (before they go into the Diaper Genie). I have the last one in our pet area for pet waste.

Lots of uses!

Source: This is one of my favorite tips and have used it for about 15 years! This was one of the 1st tips I learned on my journey in "thing organization". I used to watch a show called Lynette Jennings Home on the Discovery channel and I learned a lot from her. Thanks Lynette!


Jamie said...

I really like this! I'm going to do it! Thanks!

Lisa said...

GREAT idea!! I have some REALLY cute Kleenex boxes that this would be great for!

Kristi Lou said...

I actually save the containers that the Lysol wipes come in & then stash the bags in there. Then I can keep plastic bags in the bathrooms, kitchen, storage rooms, etc with out having an ugly pile. It is nice that kids can't get the lids off so I don't worry about my little ones getting into the plastic bags...

Destiny said...

What a great tip! Thanks.

Adie said...

That is so great and will put in order all those bags. Thanks :)

Regards Wimbledon cleaning