Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daylight Savings Time Tip - Tip #8

When we have to Fall Back or Spring Forward every 6 months, we have to adjust our clocks. This is a great time to remember to check or change other things around your house. Things that you don't normally have a set schedule for are great to schedule around Daylight Savings Time.

You can mark on your calendar in advance to do some of the following things on the weekend that we adjust our clocks.

Replace smoke alarm batteries
Test smoke alarms to make sure that they work
Clean smoke alarms by blowing the dust out of them
Test house alarms
Replace air filters
Check air tire pressure
Check medications for expired items
Schedule a fire drill with your family

Source: Vintage Martha Stewart advice

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First Carpet Cleaning said...

Daylight saving is a good way to have more time to relax. Spring cleaning should be done, so better make it during the day.